• 8-Week Strength Cycle

    Strength Cycle: Our 8-Week strength cycle will focus on the Big 4 power lifting movement (Back Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift and Shoulder Press), in addition to accessory lifts to [read more]

  • 2019 Transformation-30

    ***Please read through this entire post to hopefully have all your questions answered. If you still have questions please email Coach Chrissy at: chrissy@crossfitlakewood.com. But, seriously, read this post first….. QUICK [read more]

  • Rogue: Fitness Gear and Equipment

    Order your Rogue Gear from the CrossFit Lakewood Website! We have always supported Rogue Fitness and used their products at the gym. We are now an official Affiliate of Rogue! [read more]

  • December Push-up Challenge

    Teams of 2 2019 Push-ups in 31-Days Click HERE to see teams, daily totals, and leaders!

  • CrossFit Beginners Program

    If you are interested in regaining your health or taking your fitness to the next level, CrossFit Lakewood specializes in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals! Mechanics, Consistency then Intensity. [read more]

  • Nutrition Program

  • 2017 Halloween Throwdown: Workouts, Lane Assignments & Heat Times, Movements, Teams

    Workouts: Workout #1 Establish a 1RM Snatch* 15min time limit *This can be a Power Snatch or Squat Snatch Score will be combined weight lifted for the team Notes: All [read more]

  • Fitness Results Take Massive Action!

    Good Morning! So, I was listening to a Podcast episode with one of my idols in the fitness industry and was listening to him speak about his endeavors with being [read more]

  • Body Composition Testing

    Pricing: CrossFit Lakewood Member: Single Test: $40 5-pack: $150 12-pack: $300 Non-member: Single Test: $50 5-pack: $200 12-pack: $400 Click HERE to schedule an appointment! Monitoring your weight is not [read more]

  • Spring Throwdown

    Teams: Team #1 Skeeter Bryan Chrissy Lila Team #2 Ryan Thomas Meryl Jasmine Team #3 Kevin Lee Erin Caroline Team #4 Ben Chris Jen CJ Team #5 Geoff Eric Rayo [read more]