• Fitness Results Take Massive Action!

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  • Training Routine: On the Road

    Vacation! Time to relax, kick back, and enjoy the simple things in life. The down side is that vacations come with poor nutritional choices and no motivation to exercise. Often [read more]

  • Training Routine: Legs

    LEG DAY! For some the mention of leg day is often associated with sore muscles and the inability to walk or sit down on the toilet. However, incorporating leg workouts [read more]

  • Athlete Profile: Brittany J.

    I remember pulling into the parking lot on that first day and sitting in my car terrified of what I was about to do. I had been “peer pressured” into [read more]

  • Recovery Series – Part 1, By: Coach Rachel

    Recovery Series – Part 1 Go to SLEEP! Sometimes easier said than done… Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who don’t put much thought into it. You sleep [read more]

  • Coach Scores a “DNF” -By Coach Rachel

    CrossFit Coach scores a “DNF” Today I scored a “DNF”.  DNF stands for “Did Not Finish” in CrossFit lingo, and I wonder – Why is it CAPITALIZED? Not only did [read more]