Intramural Open: 4 Week Prep Course: $75

The 2018 CrossFit Open is coming, will you be prepared?! Is there a skill you’ve been chasing and just can’t nail down? Do you want to try something new like learning butterfly pull-ups or linking muscle-ups?

Each week in our Prep Course we will focus on skills you’ll probably see in the Open: double-unders, toes-to-bar, pull-ups, hand stand push-ups, and more!
We’ll then perform a short variation of an Open workout that has the learned movement(s) in them.

Each week you’ll be given some basic homework to complete during Open Gym time, at home, or before/after class. We will also supply you with instructional videos to watch before each class.
In addition we’ll get you dialed in with competition day nutrition!

We are capping this at 20 people.

Class Times:
Saturday, Jan. 27th @ 10am w/Coach Nate & Coach Chrissy
Saturday, Feb. 3rd @ 10am w/Coach Hannah & Coach Chrissy
Saturday, Feb. 10th @ 10am w/Coach Nate & Coach Orion
Saturday, Feb 17th @ 10am w/Coach Nate & Coach Orion

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What is the CrossFit Open??