CrossFit Lakewood Member Achievements

Earn badges in attendance, athletics, challenges, speciality workouts, and more!

Challenges | Special Events:
February Challenge: Butt & Gut

2019 CrossFit Open

April Challenge: Push & Pull

2019 Memorial Day Murph

First 30-Days
First 60-Days
First 90-Days
1-Year of CrossFit!
Seasoned Pro (2-years+)

Mile Stone:
100 Classes
250 Classes
500 Classes
750 Classes
1000 Classes


Athletics Achievements:
Completed Foundations

First Double-under Workout
50 Double-unders
100 Double-unders
150+ Double-unders
400m Run
1-mile Run
5K Run
10K Run
500m Row
2000m Row
5K Row
10K Row

First Pull-up RX'D Workout
20+ Pull-ups



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