Friday 5.3.19


Memorial Day Workout: “Body Armor”
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Food, drinks, and fun planned for post-WOD!
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Body Armor Prep:
Throughout the month of May will be preparing you for the Memorial Day Workout “Body Armor”
The objective will be to successfully complete the workout and then not be incredibly sore the next day/remainder of the week.
Expect an up-tick in volume/frequency in regards to Pull-ups, Push-ups, Air Squats, and Running leading up to the workout.


Coaches Choice


AMRAP 20min
200m Run
20/14 Cal Row
2 Rounds of “Cindy”

Equal Cal Assault Bike
Strict Pull-ups

Accessory/Cool Down:

2-3 Rounds
25 Banded Hammer Curls
30-45sec Side Plank, R
30-45sec Side Plank, L

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