Monday 6.24.19


Schedule for 4th of July Week:
Mon-Tues: Normal Classes
Wednesday: No 7pm
Thursday (4th of July): 9am CrossFit Class
Friday: 9am CrossFit Class, 10am-12pm Open Gym
Sat-Sun: Normal Classes

Paving Operations:
We are scheduled for paving operations tomorrow (Tuesday). When you arrive at the gym, please park on the street, not in the lot next to CFLW.


Coaches Choice


1) Back Squat
1-2 acclimation sets then
5@65%, 3@75%, 1+@85%

2a) “Foot-on” Step-ups
Foot stays on box for all reps, then switch legs

2b) Banded Pull Throughs (Hip Hinge)


AMRAP 8min
200m Run
25 Thrusters, 45#/35#
15 Pull-ups

Run = 2pts

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