Monday 8.4.14

Reminder: “Share the PAIN Days” kick off this Wednesday. We have a lot of fun stuff planed for this week. Don’t miss out, it’s gonna be AWESOME! For more details click here or here.

Also, if you are on a 2x/week or 3x/week membership you may come 5x this week!! Enjoy!!


3min Easy Jump Rope (singles, doubles or triples)


50ft Knee Tuck/Lunge/SLDL

15 Push-ups

50ft Knee Tuck/Lunge/SLDL

15 Clapping Push-ups


1a) Dumbbell Bench Press, 3×10-15reps, AHAP

1b) Walking Lunge, 3x200ft

2) Barbell Complex Warm-up, 3 reps of each movement


Complete as many rounds of the complex in 15min

6 Dead Lifts + 6 Sumo DL HP + 6 Front Squats + 6 Push-press + 6 Back Squats + 4 Indoor Laps

Start at 75#/55# for your first round. Go up by 10’s/5’s there after if needed.

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