Tuesday 9.30.14

Reminder: Fall 2.0 schedule is in effect (back to 8am and 9am classes on M/W/F. 9am only on T/TH)

Also, Burpees and Meters 4 MS will be this Saturday at 10am (heat times and workout will be announced on Thursday). There are plenty of spots available, so sign-up and contribute to a good cause!

Click here for online registration.


5 Indoor Laps


2 Rounds of

100ft Bear Crawl
10 Hand Release Push-ups


12min Inversion and Double-under Practice

60-90sec Hand Stand Walk (or Hand Stand Hold or Head Stand Hold)

60-90sec Double-Under (or Triple)


4 Rounds

50 Double-unders or 100 Singles
25 Ring Push-ups (or Hand Release)
12 Toes 2 Bar (or candle sticks)
12 Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups (or chin over)

Cool Down:

Foam Roll, hitting IT Bands, Lats and Lower Back

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