Wednesday 8.6.14

“Share the PAIN Days” Kicks off today!!


3-5min Suicide Relay


Squat, Hand Release, Sit-up and Box Jump demo sesh


2x 30sec Squat/30sec Squat Hold
1min Rest
2x 30sec H.R. Push-up/30sec Plank Hold

Workout #1:

AMRAP 12min

10 H.R. Push-ups (or Clapping Push-ups)
15 Squats (or Knee Jumps)
20 Sit-ups (or Toes 2 Bar)

Workout #2

5 Rounds

P1: 25 Box Jumps or Step-ups, 20″/16″ only
P2: Slam Ball Hold Over Head

P1 does 25 BJs while P2 holds a SB over head. Then switch, P2 25 BJs, P1 Slam Ball Hold. That will equate one round, repeat 4 more times.

20min time limit

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