Monday 4.21.14


1a) Front Squat, 4×3
Warm-up as needed, work up to a heavy 3rep over the 4 sets

1b) Bulgarian Split Squat, 4×10 (each leg, demo video)
No weight for this one


5 Rounds

20 Squats
10 Kettle Bell Swings, AHAP
5 Burpee Box Jumps, 30″/24″

25min Time Limit

Sunday 4.20.14

Rest Day!

Do What Makes You Happy Today!

Clean PR’s from Liz and Mr. Pete. Event #1 of the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier

Liz: Clean PR 145#

Mr. Pete: Clean PR 235#

Great job you two, those are some huge numbers!

Saturday 4.19.14

9am: CrossFit Class

For todays workout there will be 10 work stations. You will do the interval 4 x (30/30) at each station (for those of you that are not mathematically inclined, that’s 40min of work). Some stations will be done “Hell Style”, meaning you will hold in a static position during the 30sec of “rest”. You will be working in groups of 2, sometimes you will need to share the piece of equipment for that station, meaning one person goes while the other rests or you will both be going at the same time.

Stations (not in order):

Air Dyne
Ski Erg
Ring Row (hell style)
Farmer Carry (hell style)
Battle Rope
Parallette Pass Throughs (hell style)
Deck Squat (hell style)
Ball Slam (hell style)

10am: OLY/STR

There will be three components to the 10am class. Plan on 70-90min. You may do the first two only. Increase weight from last week on all movements.


15min mobility work, hitting hamstrings, hips, lats, shoulders and wrists.


1) 5x 3 Snatch, @ 75%-80%
2) 5x 2 Clean + 1 Split Jerk, @ 75%-80%


1a) 8×2 Speed Bench, @ 60%
1b) 8×2 Banded Dead Lift, @40%
2) 3×8 Good Morning or 3×8 Reverse Hypers, AHAP

Friday 4.18.14


1) Push Press, 4×3 @ 80%-90%
Warm-up as needed, working up to a heavy 3rep

2) Power Clean Push Jerk Warm-up, 3×3


AMRAP 12min

5 Power Clean Push Jerks, 155#/105#
15 Burpees
15 Chin ups or 5 Ring Muscle-ups

Thursday 4.17.14


1a) Back Squat, 4×3 @ 80%-90%

Warm-up as needed, working up to a heavy 3rep

1b) Walking Lunge 4x Down and Back

1c) Step-ups 4×20 (10 each leg, any way)

1b and 1c to be done fast and without weight. Rest as needed before doing the back squats


8 Rounds

20sec Max Cal Row
10sec Rest

1min rest, then….

8 Rounds

20sec Max rep Ab-mat Sit-ups
10sec Rest

1min rest, then….

8 Rounds

20sec Jump Squats
10sec Rest

1min rest, then….

8 Rounds

20sec KB Swing
10sec Rest

Score will be total reps (and calories) for the entire effort

Wednesday 4.16.14

The sign-up sheet for our Nutrition lecture is now up on the white board!! There are only 20 spots available (and 5 wait list), this will be done on a first come, first serve basis. You will need to sign-up in person (no email or FB reservations).


1) Power Snatch, work up to a heavy single
Use the rep scheme 3-3-2-2-1-1-1……12min time limit

2) Power Clean, work up to a heavy single
Use the rep scheme 3-3-2-2-1-1-1…… 12min time limit

Work with-in your skill set, if you are new to the movement stick with the hi-hang or mid hang positions.



1min Box Jump, 30″/24″
1min Sumo DL High Pull, 115#/75#
2min Box Jump, 30″/24″
2min Sumo DL High Pull, 115#/75#
3min Box Jump, 30″/24″
3min Sumo DL High Pull, 115#/75#

Score will be total reps for the whole effort

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