Saturday 2.22.14

9am: CrossFit Class

Workout #1

Teams of 2 Complete the following

Power Clean, 95#(65#)

Wall Ball, 20#(10#)

Wall Climb

Athlete #1 does 10reps, Athlete #2 does 10reps, 9/9, 8/8 and so on till 1. Then the team moves on to the next task.

Workout #2

Working in teams of 2-3

3K Row Race

Switching every 300m

10am: OLY/STR

1) EMOM for 10min 3 Snatches @ 60%

2) EMOM for 10min 3 Clean and Push Jerk @ 60%

3a) 3×8 Kang Squats

3b) 3×10 Land Mine Half Moons (10 each side)

11am: T-30 Retest

Workout retest and program wrap-up

Coach Chrissy, Bar Muscle-ups

Friday 2.21.14


1) Back Squat, 3×10
Warm-up with 1-2 sets

2a) Dead Lilt Warm-up, 3×3

2b)Push-press Warm-up, 3×3 use the same weight as the dead



AMRAP 10min

5 Shoulder 2 Overhead, 115#(75#)
10 Dead Lifts, 115#(75#)
15 Box Jumps, 24″(20″)

Thursday 2.20.14

Workout #1

Working in teams 2-5

As many Tire Flips as possible in 10min

Jump in/out of tire after each flip

Workout #2

90sec Max Cal Row
30sec Rest

90sec Max Rep Burpee (on to 2 45# plates)
30sec Rest

90sec Max Cal Row
30sec Rest

90sec Max Rep Pull-up
30sec Rest

90sec Max Cal Row
30sec Rest

90sec Max Rep Alternating DB Snatch
30sec Rest

Score will be total calories and total reps

Wednesday 2.19.14


1a) 3xME DB Bench Press
1b) 3×10 Shoulder Press
1c) 3xME Dip (bench, matador or ring)

Take a couple of warm-up reps of each, then dive in to the triple set. Rest as needed between movements and rounds.


4 Rounds

400m Run (Stop sign and back)
20 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups

25min time limit

Tuesday 2.18.14


1) Jump Squats, 3×10 light and explosive

2) Front Squats, 3×3 AHAP

3) Over Head Squat Warm-up, 3×3



AMRAP 10min

60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 OHS, 135#(95#)
10 Muscle-ups

Monday 2.17.14

Yes, we will be open today! Regular class schedule.


1a) 3×10 Weighted Lunge, front rack, AHAP
1b) 3x Max Rep Kettle Bell High Pull

2) Power Clean warm-up, 3×3


5 Rounds

:30sec Power Cleans, 185#(125#)
:30Sec Rest

:30sec Lateral Bar Jumps
:30sec Rest

:30sec Row (calories)
:30sec Rest

*Score will be combined reps and calories rowed.