2019 Transformation-30

***Please read through this entire post to hopefully have all your questions answered. If you still have questions please email Coach Chrissy at: chrissy@crossfitlakewood.com. But, seriously, read this post first…..


What is the Transformation 30 New Year’s Challenge (a.k.a. T-30)?

*The T-30 is CrossFit Lakewood’s New Years Nutrition & Exercise Challenge!
*This is something we roll out every year to give all new and current members the chance to set and achieve new goals under a supportive and motivating atmosphere. This is not simply a weight-loss challenge. It is an all-encompassing TRANSFORMATION challenge with the goal of creating permanent LIFESTYLE changes. It is not just about becoming more fit, but about being able to change your mindset on what it means to be healthy. We want to challenge you for 30 days to add as many good things in your life as possible and rid yourself of the bad ones. This will hopefully set you off on the right foot to continue permanently.

*We take the guess work out of your nutrition by giving you meal plans laid out to guide you thought your 4 weeks

*We will focus on balancing macronutrients (carbs/fat/protein) in the correct proportions (plate method) and in a fool proof, easy manner so that you get optimal results!

*We will have 2 categories that you can commit to for this challenge:

*Weight-loss: this is for anyone who is looking to focus mainly on decreasing a significant amount of body-fat percentage. Despite the fact that this category is called “weight-loss”, results will be measured based on body fat percentage lost – NOT pounds. Body fat lost will count toward points earned for prizes. A winner will be announced for each category.

*Performance based: this is for anyone who is NOT currently looking to lose weight and would like to focus more on the performance and quality of their fitness.

How does the T-30 work?

You can earn points on a daily/weekly basis by completing certain requirements (meals, workouts, tagging on IG/FB and many more TBD add-ons!). You will also be competing at the end to see the largest % body fat lost!

Our kick-off date for the T-30 this year is January 5th at 9am. This is a required event for all who participate, however, if this is a conflict, please don’t let that keep you from signing up – just talk to Coach Orion or Coach Chrissy. During the kickoff we will be going over the basics of what the challenge entails, the “rules”, how to earn points, the nutrition behind the 2 categories (weight-loss or performance based).  We will then perform a benchmark workout as a group to set our starting points.

When is the T30 kick-off?

We kick-off on Saturday, January 5th at CrossFit Lakewood.
*Biometric Testing 8am-9am
*Nutrition Seminar and T-30 Q&A: 9am-10am
*Workout: 10am-10:30am

You will be able schedule a time on the following days for biometric testing measurements:
Thursday: 4pm-7pm
Friday: 4pm-7pm
Saturday: 8am-9am

We will send out a link to sign-up for Biometric testing the week prior to the challenge.

What is included in the T-30 Challenge?

  • Nutrition Seminar (at the T30 kick-off)
  • Pre and post benchmark workout
  • Pre/post Biometrics (In-Body, weigh-in, measurements, pictures)
  • Weekly Nutrition Emails
  • T-30 Guidebook – this is for references, keeping you on track and informed
  • Fitness challenges specific to T30 members only
  • Compete for points to win awesome prizes from our sponsors
  • Email access to Nutrition Coaches
  • 2 different options of commitment:
    • Performance based
    • Weight-loss
  • Open to friends and family who are not members! 

What is the cost to participate in the T-30?

  • $130

**If you currently have In-Body package you may apply up to two of them toward the T-30 (deduct $30 for one, deduct $60 for two)

How do I get signed-up for the T-30?


  • Once you are reserved you spot through the link above we will charge your account through Wodify
  • If you are not a member of CrossFit Lakewood we will send you the link for payment once you are signed-up

Can a non-member family or friend do the T-30 challenge with me?

YES!! We are offering the opportunity for non-members to join in the challenge and participate with you. The more people you have doing it with you the better your chance of success!
Have them reserve their spot and we will contact them!

What this challenge is NOT

This is NOT The Biggest Loser. Our focus in not pounds lost or weight on a scale, etc. The focus is on making permanent lifestyle changes and the detoxification of bad food and habits that crowd our current lives. This can take on many different forms, so be open to change in different ways other than just weight!!!

Are there prizes?

Oh yeah!
We will be announcing weekly challenges that you can compete for! There will be 4 in total and an overall winner as well.

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