We are going to kick-off “Sugar Month” (aka February) with a 21 Day Sugar Detox Nutrition Challenge!

If you’re looking to kick the habit of sweets and need a platform and structured way to do it - this is for you!

On February 15th we are going to embark on 21 days of NO SUGAR!

 Join our exclusive challenge and get all the tools, accountability and help you need.

You’ll have:

  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE Habit Tracking and Nutrition app for 21 Days.
    • This amazing platform allows us to customize habits that you will be responsible for checking in daily for much needed accountability and mental mindset. This is a HUGE part of success - establishing good habits!
  • 21 Days of content straight to your email.
    • Once a day we will send you a video, recipes, tip or trick that will help keep you on track.
  • Unlimited access to a Nutrition Coach
    • Within our Nutrition and Habit Tracking App you will be able to instant message both our Nutrition Coaches at anytime! Get additional help strategizing, ask questions, etc.
  • 10% off all our high-quality in-house retail items of protein and fish-oil for 21-days
    • You’ll learn all about the importance of balancing certain macros as well as the importance of keeping the body out of inflammation. Help the body a little with high-quality protein and potent fish-oil.
  • You don't have to be a member of CFLW to join! 
  • You can do this challenge from home! 


2 Levels of commitment:

1.) Beginner:

-Learning to read labels and take out all processed and excess sugar from the diet for 21 days

-Beginner habit tracking in our Healthy Steps Nutrition App

2.) Intermediate/Advanced:

-Tracking how many grams of sugar (even natural sugars) you consume in a day in My Fitness Pal and keeping it under a certain number

-More advanced habit tracking in our Healthy Steps Nutrition App



  • This challenge has a HUGE value attached to it - but your cost is only $21.00!

***If you are a current client within out existing Nutrition Program you get to do this challenge for FREE! Contact your coach and talk about whether this is something you want to do.

Let's get you committed TODAY! Click on the button below to grab your spot in this challenge!