Halloween Workout: Fright Gone Bad!

By CrossFit Lakewood | October 6, 2020

“Fright Gone Bad!” Halloween Workout and Costume Party CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP **Sign-up starts Friday at 9am** When: Saturday, October 31st, 9AM to 12PM Outdoor (social distance) party after! Beer, Food Truck and FUN! What: Workout will be a variation of the classic benchmark workout Fight Gone Bad. This will be a lightly-judged/rep counted workout, … Read more

May Challenge: Murph Prep (Pull-up/Push-up/Squat)

By CrossFit Lakewood | April 20, 2020

Hey TEAM! Our May Challenge will kick off Monday April 27th. The objective will be to accumulate MAX REPS (done as a triplet) of Pull-ups, Push-ups, Squats  Click HERE to sign-up, log reps, and see daily totals. Triplet can be done multiple ways.As an EXAMPLE you could do Rounds of: “Cindy” 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats … Read more

March Challenge: Butt & Gut

By CrossFit Lakewood | February 21, 2020

Hey TEAM!Our March Challenge will kick off Sunday 3/1.The objective will be to accumulate 2020reps total (done anyway) between Lunges and Core Exercises Click HERE to sign-up, log reps, and see daily totals. Daily total will be ~65 repsYou do not need to do an equal amount of each movement on a daily basis.As an example you … Read more

Coach Chrissy on CrossFit and Pregnancy

By Chrissy | February 6, 2020

So, this is my 3rd pregnancy. It’s my 3rd pregnancy in under 5 years. It’s my 3rd pregnancy over the age of 30. It’s also my 3rd pregnancy having actively (sometimes aggressively) pursued CrossFit. Reason for this post? I swear it’s not to self promote, brag (although I am damn proud of what my body … Read more

8-Week Strength Cycle

By CrossFit Lakewood | June 9, 2019

Strength Cycle: Our 8-Week strength cycle will focus on the Big 4 power lifting movement (Back Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift and Shoulder Press), in addition to accessory lifts to help with the main lift. We will follow the 531 program with simple goal in mind… improve you repetition max. When you see a 5+ at … Read more

2019 Transformation-30

By CrossFit Lakewood | December 27, 2018

***Please read through this entire post to hopefully have all your questions answered. If you still have questions please email Coach Chrissy at: chrissy@crossfitlakewood.com. But, seriously, read this post first….. QUICK LINK: CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP! What is the Transformation 30 New Year’s Challenge (a.k.a. T-30)? *The T-30 is CrossFit Lakewood’s New Years Nutrition & Exercise Challenge! … Read more

Rogue: Fitness Gear and Equipment

By CrossFit Lakewood | December 11, 2018

Order your Rogue Gear from the CrossFit Lakewood Website! We have always supported Rogue Fitness and used their products at the gym. We are now an official Affiliate of Rogue! You will be able to  purchase their products while supporting CrossFit Lakewood and Rogue! Click the icon below! About Rogue (from their website): As history … Read more

December Push-up Challenge

By CrossFit Lakewood | December 3, 2018

Teams of 2 2019 Push-ups in 31-Days Click HERE to see teams, daily totals, and leaders!

CrossFit Beginners Program

By CrossFit Lakewood | March 14, 2018

If you are interested in regaining your health or taking your fitness to the next level, CrossFit Lakewood specializes in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals! Mechanics, Consistency then Intensity. These are the pillars that ensure safe and effective training. The objective of Foundations is to give you a solid base of skill and knowledge … Read more

Nutrition Program

By CrossFit Lakewood | December 4, 2017

Download Our 30-Day At Home Workout Program!