Coach Chrissy on CrossFit and Pregnancy

So, this is my 3rd pregnancy.

It’s my 3rd pregnancy in under 5 years.

It’s my 3rd pregnancy over the age of 30.

It’s also my 3rd pregnancy having actively (sometimes aggressively) pursued CrossFit.

Reason for this post? I swear it’s not to self promote, brag (although I am damn proud of what my body has accomplished these past 5 years), or make anyone feel as if they aren’t doing something right.

I’m posting for a couple reasons:

Reason #1: I want to take away people’s fear of exercise during pregnancy. And especially to take away their fear of doing CrossFit while pregnant.

With both my other kids, and so far to date with this on (21 weeks in so far), I worked out every week 3-4x a week all the way up to the day they were born!

With proper modification and intuitiveness on how your body feels and responds to certain stimuli you can safely pursue CrossFit at a level that would surprise most people!

I’m not afraid of heavy weight OR breathing heavy when safely done!! Want to know more about my opinion on that? Feel free to email me ( I’d be happy to chat.

Reason #2 (This may even trump #1): Encourage women to NOT be so hard on themselves for what happens to their bodies while pregnant!!

I had a tendency during my first two kids’ incubation period in my stomach to hide from any camera. I have almost zero pics of me in any situation from them. It’s sad, actually.

I was definitely NOT the person posting beautifully taken pics of me holding my belly looking longingly into my husband’s eyes, or staring serenely into a field of flowers,  lol.

I felt so embarrassed about how I looked. I got puffy, bloated and just about every body part changed. I didn’t feel or look like myself (duh, Chrissy), but I secretly felt ashamed about it. Like I wasn’t supposed to look like that and that because I did it was an indication that I wasn’t taking care of myself or I was “letting myself go”.

I incessantly compared myself, my weight gain, my stomach size, etc. to other pregnant women.

If they were smaller than me, but we were the exact # of weeks. If they were barely showing at 4 months and I was already the size of a blimp (or so I thought). It was a constant mind struggle. And so unnecessary!

The part that I want to CHANGE this time around is to help women accept that this is WHAT THE BODY IS SUPPOSED TO DO!

In all ways, shapes, sizes and forms your body is morphing. Quite literally. Almost creepily…like alienesque.

I want to be proof that even someone who has worked out their entire life, who participated (and still participates) in VIGOROUS exercise for the entire 40 weeks of 3 pregnancies, ate healthy and defied logic when it came to physical capabilities while knocked up…still ended up with:

  • Back fat (don’t roll you eyes, it’s uncomfortable and an easy body part for women to pick apart on themselves!)
  • Wiiiiide hips (nothing makes you feel better than having to tie your HUSBANDS’S snow pants with string because even HIS buttons won’t snap – just to go out and play with your kids in the snow!)
  • Cellulite
  • A double chin (dare I say triple?)
  • Stretch marks
  • Had to order size XL pants, shirts and bras just to be able to wear ANYTHING
  • Gained 40 pounds both times
  • So many more “fun” things could be added to this list!


I was the healthiest, leanest, strongest I’d ever been going into both pregnancies and I aggressively pursued exercise, activity, and nutrition throughout…and somehow I still wound up with all the above.

I KNOW it made a difference though, despite my body’s harsh physical adaptations.

I delivered 2 healthy babies with no complications. I did it without the help of pain meds. I recovered and confidently came back to my old life stronger and healthier than before. I’m well on my way to repeating the whole process for a third time, Lord willing. 

Exercise and nutrition undoubtedly played a part. 

I’m excited (I think that’s the word I’ll use…) to share my journey this time and I hope it inspires women to not only pursue fitness and health while pregnant for it’s MANY benefits, but to also be a little less harsh on themselves…and others!

Be kind to your self-esteem while going through pregnancy.

Be kind of others, whether or you’re pregnant OR not. Don’t pass judgment on how you think someone is supposed to look or act.

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Today’s workout: video HERE

  • 12min AMRAP
    • 2,4,6,8… Burpee over bar (add two reps every round)
      • Modifications: take out pushup on burpee, step over bar
    • 20 double unders
      • Modifications: single-unders, jumping jacks

Love and sweaty hugs,

Coach Chrissy

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