Coach Scores a “DNF” -By Coach Rachel

CrossFit Coach scores a “DNF”

Today I scored a “DNF”.  DNF stands for “Did Not Finish” in CrossFit lingo, and I wonder – Why is it CAPITALIZED?

Not only did I not finish, but I wasn’t doing the workout “Rx’d” anyways.  I knew that attempting 100 ring dips without bands was an exercise in delusion for this woman.

And so what?

So I’m a coach… So I could beat myself up…. So I could make up a bunch of excuses…

But actually, I did none of this.  After a 25 minute physical and mental beating, I finished two reps short, and I am SUPER PROUD!!  Sure I got beat-down, but then I got back up again.

You can hate or be mad at the coaches, yourself, or (where the workout was pulled from), or….

You can do your best, whatever that is, and be PROUD.

Proud of your hard work

Proud you did something good for yourself

Proud that you got up and came back in the gym the next day

I choose to focus on the miraculous things my body CAN do.  I choose to define last Tuesday as success rather than failure.  I don’t care what DNF stands for.

I hope hearing this from one of your coaches helps you to reconsider what you define as success.

– Coach Rachel

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