CrossFit Beginners Program

If you are interested in regaining your health or taking your fitness to the next level, CrossFit Lakewood specializes in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals!

Mechanics, Consistency then Intensity. These are the pillars that ensure safe and effective training. The objective of Foundations is to give you a solid base of skill and knowledge before starting our group training classes. Within our Foundations program we will teach you the 9 essential movements of CrossFit and how to do those movements correctly. We will also teach you how to do CrossFit safely, which includes good technique, proper range of motion and a safe mindset..

Whether you are a former athlete who has lost your motivation, a stay at home mom, someone who hasn’t worked out in a decade or a current elite fitness performer our program is infinitely scalable to your goals. We pride ourselves on being being able to offer one of the best and most supportive/knowledgeable community atmospheres you can find – we believe this the true key to success.

Once Foundations is completed, you will have the tools and the skill-set to take part in our daily group workouts!

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