April Challenge: Push & Pull

April 1, 2019 @ 6:00 am

April Challenge: Push & Pull

Hay gang!
The goal for this challenge is to develop strength in Pushing & Pulling.

Pushing: Get better at Strict Hand Stand Push-ups.
Pulling: Get better at Strict Pull-ups.

Objective will be 1000reps of each.

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There are a lot of ways to approach this.
Feel free to get creative and add lots of variety!
Post a picture and share your progress on Instagram.
Use hashtags:
#crossfitlakewood #pushpullchallenge
Here’s some options:

Pushing (1pt per rep):
Strict Hand Stand Push-ups
Kipping HSPU
1-3 Ab-mat Scaled HSPU
Wall Climb
Pike Push-up
Shoulder Press (DB or Barbell)

Pushing Holds (1pt per 10sec):
Hand Stand Hold (wall or free)
Wall Walk
DB/BB Locked-out Overhead

Pulling (1pt per rep):
Strict Pull-up (hands facing out is priority, mixture may be done)
Chest to Bar Pull-up
Kipping Pull-up
Plank Pull

Pulling Holds (1pt per 5sec):
Chin Over Bar
Hollow Hold (for kipping development)
Arch Hold (for kipping development)
Ring Row Hold
Plank Pull Hold
DB/BB Row Holds

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