March Challenge: Butt & Gut

Our March Challenge will kick off Sunday 3/1.
The objective will be to accumulate 2020reps total (done anyway) between Lunges and Core Exercises

Click HERE to sign-up, log reps, and see daily totals.

Daily total will be ~65 reps
You do not need to do an equal amount of each movement on a daily basis.
As an example you could do:
4 Rounds
8 Lunges
10 Sit-ups

**Lunging and Core work done in class will count toward daily total**

***If you complete the challenge, you will receive a 20% discount voucher to use toward a retail purchase***

There are a lot of ways to approach the repetitions.
Feel free to get creative and add lots of variety.
Post a picture and share your progress on Instagram.
Use hashtags:
#crossfitlakewood #buttandgutchallenge
Here are some options:

Lunge (1pt per rep):
Waling Lunge
In-place Lunge
Backward Lunge
Jumping Lunge
Weighted Lunge

Gut (1pt per rep):
Leg Raise
Toes to Bar
Candle Sticks
Hollow Rocks
Dead Bugs
Glute Bridge
Russian Twists
Ab Wheel / Roll-outs
Banded Twists
Any variation of above

Gut Holds (1pt per 5sec):
Side Plank
Ring Plank
Hollow Hold
Hollow Hold From Rig
Any variation of above

**Examples of movements that DO NOT count toward total**
Warm-up reps
Split Squats
Good Mornings
Prowler Push
Tire Flip
Kettle Bell Swings
Stretching, foam rolling, mobility
Essentially no monkey business – stick to lunging and core movements

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