Buy Equipment!

As C19 re-surges, it is clear that things could be headed toward another Stay at Home order from the State.

This time –  We. Will. Be. Prepared!
I want you laser focused on training when/if the lockdown occurs. I saw too many people completely fall off the wagon and give up on their health last time around. It IS possible to stay on track during a lockdown, but don’t go it alone!!! This is what this community is here for!

By now your thinking, what’s the gym going to do?

I’m planning on offering two training options:

1) Outdoor workouts (mid-day):
3-4 classes outside from 11am-4pm.
As of now it looks like we will be able to have 10 people outside at a time IF we get the Stay at Home order.
We will use Barbells, Boxes, KB’s, Rower, Wall Balls, and I will try to build a pull-up rig outside.
I’ll have a shipping container to store the stall mats in (so you won’t be working out in the gravel).

2) Zoom workouts:
2-3 classes per day
You will have the option to use DB(s) or a Sand Bag or KB(s) or Odd object (you don’t need all four)
This will be run exactly how it was during the first lockdown. You’ll have access to the replays to follow along if you miss a class and will have full-time access to our WOD@Home programming.

What do I need from you?

Consider buying some basic things so you can train at home following our programming (in addition to participating in mid-day classes).

Sand Bags can be purchased from Brute Force (local company):

You can buy sand for the inserts at Home Depot.

Dumbbells are really hard to find right now, Amazon does have some in stock (I’ll also loan out the ones we have at the gym):

Jump Rope, Plyo Box (a cooler works really well), and Wall Balls can be found at Rouge:

Let me know if you have any questions!!!!

We will get through this and come out STRONGER on the other end -TOGETHER!