Friday 2.28.14

The 2014 CrossFit Games are under way with “14.1” being announced. It is a repeat of “11.1”, which we did recently (January 27th) This is a standard couplet that requires a full out sprint from the athlete, as well as some skill with the double-unders and power snatches. If you are signed up for the Open we will be judging throughout the day (Friday during normal class times) with the majority of competitors going at 7pm. If you can not make it, we will also be judging on Saturday at 10am. If neither of those times works please speak with your a coach to make arrangements.


Front Squat, 3×5 @ 70%-80%
Warm-up with 1-3sets of 5-8reps


10min Power Snatch, technique break down and practice



AMRAP 10min
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches, 75#(55#)

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