Friday 7.30.21


Coaches Choice

Prep: SA KB Complex
KB Swing+
KB to Shoulder+
KB Reverse Lunge+
KB Press

[3 Total Sets]
1set x 3complex (each arm): Light KB
2sets x 2complex (each arm): Workout KB

*KB Complex can be done tactical (pausing after each movement) or for performance (fluidity/linking movements, see video)


5 Rounds
25/18 Cal Row
10 KB Complex (R)
20 Box Jump Overs
10 KB Complex (L)

No Rx’d or Rx’d+ weight for KB.
Work within strength/skill capacity, lighter is better for this movement

Rx’d Box:

4-5 Rounds
18/15 Cal Row
7 KB Complex (R)
18 Box Jumps
7 KB Complex (L)

[35min Soft Cap]