Friday 8.6.21


Coaches Choice

Strength: Max Week

Take 6-8sets to build to a heavy 1RM
Use Rep Sequence: 5-4-3-2-1-1-1…

[6-8 Total Sets]
1set x 5reps: Bar
1set x 5reps: Light Weight
1set x 4reps: Moderate Weight
1set x 3reps: 70%-80% Range
1set x 2reps: 80%-85% Range
1set x 1rep: 90%-95% Range
1set x 1rep: Max Weight
1set x 1rep: Max Weight

Alway end on a successful lift!
2-3min rest between heavy attempts
Time Limit: ~20min


7 Rounds (2 on, 1 off)
2min of work:
20 Wall Balls
Max Distance:
SA KB Front Rack Walking Lunge
Rest 1min

35#/26# KB

53#/35# KB

70#/53# KB

14 Wall Balls
Lunge with body weight or light KB

Notes – How To:
You will have a 2min window to do 20 WB’s and lunge for distance on the “in-door lap course” holding a single KB in the front rack position.

When the 2min is up, set the KB down on the “in-door lap course”, rest 1min, and return to your WB.

Upon completion of each round of WB’s go to where you set the KB down and resume lunging on the “in-door lap course”.
Your score will be the distance the KB travels over the 7 rounds, 1pt(rep)/quarter lap.