Friday 8.8.14


5min Prowler Relays

No weight, 40′ down, 40′ Back


Wall Ball Demo and Warm-up

Workout #1:

4 Rounds

1:00min Max Rep Wall Ball
1:00min Max Rep Lateral Stick Jump
2:00min Rest

Score will be total reps Wall Ball and Stick Jump

Workout #2:

5 Rounds

P1: 80′ (40′ Down/40′ Back) Burpee Broad Jumps
P2: Plank Hold

P1 does 80ft BBJ’s while P2 holds a locked out plank. Then switch, P2 80ft BBJ’s, P1 Plank Hold. That will equate one round, repeat 4 more times.

20min time limit

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