Monday 11.2.20


Coaches Choice

Power Snatch
2-3sets of 3-4reps building to your workout weight


5 Rounds: on the 4min mark
25/18 Cal Row
10 Lateral Burpees
5 Power Snatch



20/15 Cal Bike

Mindset Monday:

Law of Attraction:
The law of attraction is a law of nature. It is impersonal and it does not see good things or bad things. It is receiving your thoughts and reflecting back to you those thoughts as your life experience. The law of attraction simply gives you whatever it is you are thinking about.

The law of attraction is the law of creation. You create your life through thoughts and the law of attraction, and every single person does the same. It doesn’t just work if you know about it. It has always been working in your life and every other person’s life throughout history. When you become aware of this great law, then you become aware of how incredibly powerful you are, to be able to think your life into existence.

Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most or focus on the most will appear as your life.

Your thoughts become things.