Monday 5.4.20


Build a Box:

May Challenge:
Murph Prep: Pull-up/Push-up/Squat
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May Running Challenge:
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Wednesday: 6:30pm

Equipment Drop-off/Reopening/Classes:
This Saturday??
Next week?
Classes & Times?

Mindset Monday:

The Ultimate Rule of Positive Energy:

Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s and everyone’s negativity.
Your certainty must be greater than everyone’s doubt.

There will always be people who don’t share your vision. There will always be doubters who doubt, doubt and doubt and tell you “you can’t do this” and “you won’t be able to accomplish that”. They think dreams were meant for others but not people like you and them. And there will even be people who don’t want to succeed because it makes them see their own weaknesses and failures. Rather than striving to achieve their own goals they are busy trying to ruin everyone else’s.

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