Monday 7.20.20


Coaches Chocie


Complex: 3-Postition Power Snatch
High Hang (Pockets) – Hang (Above Knee) – Floor
Take 12min to build to a heavy Complex


AMRAP 10min
60/45 Cal Row
100 Double-unders

With remaining time:
Max Reps Power Snatch




**150 Single-unders**

Mindset Monday:

Replace Have To with Get To:
A lot of times, as individuals and teams, we stop appreciating the opportunity we have to do the work we do and the people we do it with. For some, work becomes an obligation. For others entitlement sets in and they stop appreciating the opportunity and journey.
A simple shift of a few words has the power to change the way you (and your team) approach everything. Instead of talking about what youhave to do, start acknowledging what you get to do.
You get the opportunity to live this life. you get to work with a team that is making a difference. you get to learn and grow each day. You get to go to work, while so many others wish they had a job. You even get to drive in traffic, whereas many people can’t afford to buy a car. You get to wake up, while so many others have passed on too early.
When you replace have to with get to, you change a complaining voice to an appreciative heart. And when you appreciate, you elevate yourself and your team.
Remember, life and work in a gift, not an obligation. Stop being entitled. Start appreciating all the opportunities you and your team have been given.

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