Monday 8.2.21


Coaches Choice

Strength: Max Week

Back Squat
Take 6-8sets to build to a heavy 1RM
Use Rep Sequence: 5-4-3-2-1-1-1…

[6-8 Total Sets]
1set x 5reps: Bar
1set x 5reps: Light Weight
1set x 4reps: Moderate Weight
1set x 3reps: 70%-80% Range
1set x 2reps: 80%-85% Range
1set x 1rep: 90%-95% Range*
1set x 1rep: Max Weight*
1set x 1rep: Max Weight*

*Spotters required for all heavy attempts
Alway end on a successful lift!
2-3min rest between heavy attempts
20min Time Limit


AMRAP 16min
16/12 Cal Bike/Ski
8 SA DB Devil Press (L)
16 Pull-ups
8 SA DB Devil Press (R)

35#/20# DB

50#/35# DB
Bar Muscle-ups (8)

12/9 Cals
6 SA DB DP (L)
12 Pull-up or Ring Row
6 SA DB DP (R)