Monday 8.31.20


Coaches Choice


3 Snatch Grip Deadlifts +
2 Hang Power Snatches +
1 Power Snatch

Take 10-12min to build to a heavy complex (5-6sets)


AMRAP 12min
12/9 Cal Row
14 DB Shoulder to Overhead
16 DB Goblet Squats

7R/7L on DB Shoulder to Overhead

35#/20# Single DB 


HSPUs (14)
Alt. Pistols (16)

Mindset Monday:

Alter Your Perspective:
The way we look at the world changes how we see things. Is our perspective truly giving us perspective or is it what’s actually causing the problem? That’s the question.

What we can do is limit and expand our perspective to whatever will keep us calmest and most ready for the task at hand. Think of it as selective editing – not to deceive others but to properly orient ourselves.

And it works. Small tweaks can change what once felt like impossible tasks. Suddenly, where we fly weak, we realize we are strong. With perspective, we discover leverage we didn’t know we had.

Perspective has two definitions.
1) Context: A sense of the larger picture of the world, not just what is immediately in front of us.
2) Framing: An individual’s unique way of looking at the world, a way that interprets its events.

Both matter, both can be effectively injected to change a situation that previously seemed intimidating or impossible.

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