Saturday 2.8.14

Today at 11:30am CrossFit Lakewood will be hosting guest speaker Dr. Scott Sheil-Brown from Cherry Creek Sport and Spine Clinic. He will be giving a hands on lecture about how athletes and members can be proactive in their CrossFit routines to prevent and decrease the chances of being injured, and how coaches can help guide people in the right direction. Because of the potential for injury that can be seen with CrossFit movements and the preventable nature of a lot of them, this as a FREE lecture.

9am: CrossFit Class


1) 12min to establish a 2RM Thruster



– 20 Alternating DB or KB Snatches

– 20 Waiter Step-ups

– 4 Indoor Laps

10am: OLY/STR

1) EMOM 5min 3 T&G Snatches, @60%

2) EMOM 5min 3 T&G Clean and Push-jerk, @60%

3) 12min to establish a 2RM OHS

11:30am: Injury prevention in CrossFit Seminar

Come check it out!

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