Thursday 3.11.21

🔥CrossFit Open🔥

What you need to know

Starts Friday!
For the next 3-weeks the Open workout will be done as the WOD on Fridays

6am, 9am, and 12pm Classes:
Regular class Format
-Open workout will be programmed
-Variations for all class participants

Friday Night Lights (FNL): 4pm-6:30pm
Competition Format
-Sign-up for a heat on Wodify
-Self guided warm-up
-Be ready to go at your designated workout time!

**If you want to come in for FNL and do the workout, have fun, mingle with friends, just show-up!
(Still sign-up for a heat. You will NOT be judged/no official score will be entered)

If you want to enter your score on the worldwide leaderboard

Click HERE


Coaches Choice


Bench Press

1-set max reps at 65% of heaviest 3rep

You will have your own spot on the rack, bar, and weights
Two Athletes will share the Bench
Move Bench between stations after each set (wipe down after each set if needed)
Help spot each other for sets of 3 and drop-set


AMRAP 15min
Round(s) of “Small Cindy”
KB Swings

KB Weight:

Small Cindy:
3 Pull-ups
6 Push-ups
9 Squats 

How to:
1 Round Cindy + 10 KB Swings
2 Rounds Cindy + 20 KB Swings
3/30, 4/40… and so on till 15min has expired