Tuesday 9.21.21


Coaches Choice


Power Clean & Jerk

[7 Total Sets]
1set x 5reps: Bar
1set x 5reps: Light Weight
1set x 4reps: Moderate
1set x 3reps: 60%-70% Range
1set x 2rep: 70%-80% Range
1set x 1rep: 80%-90% Range
1set x 1rep: 90%+ Range

Jerk can be done as  Push/Split Jerk


[Teams of 2]
4 Rounds
50/36 Cal Row
8 C&J
6 Rope Climbs

Weight for C&J:
85% from heaviest above

Scaled: Movement
Jumping Rope Climb (3:1)

-Staggered station start
-Athletes will share rower and have their own barbell (if weight is different)
-Divvy cals as:
Men: 15/15, 10/10
Women: 10/10, 8/8
Alternate reps on C&J and RC